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From Idea to Operation...

Creative IT solutions.



Decades of hands on experience, from research development projects, to enterprise systems development.

Research, Analysis

Preparation and execution of IT and other technical research and development projects. Identifying real problems and defining system concepts.

Specification, Development

Design and development of software and hardware systems. From mobile phone applications and enterprise solutions, to industrial systems.

Graphics, Design

"Making what we do, look good ..." Graphic design, web design, image design, hardware design, prototype creation.


Some of our projects


The Diamond Roses (UK)

Industrial Research and Development

DR Industrie (HU)

Career Portal

Tamna (DE)

Conceptual Planning

Kukuts (HU)

Mobile Application


Infocommunication System

Industrial Portal

NDH Invest (HU)

Restaurant Website

Park Restaurant (HU)


J-Car (HU)


Some of our common professional experience

Research, analysis

  • Conceptual Planning
  • Technology Bidding
  • Horizon 2020
  • Technical Studies
  • Technical Advice

Specification, development

  • Java Technologies (Java, Spring, J2EE)
  • Mobil Applications (Android, iOS)
  • Industrial Systems (C, C++)
  • Web (Php, Wordpress, Joomla, jQuery)